How to work with wild boar

What does a brand ambassador for Wild Boar look like?

Essentially, a Brand Ambassador for Wild Boar is someone whom has a strong and large connection to the cycling community, and believes in and uses our product. They also enjoy networking and socializing, and are committed to furthering the growth in sales of the Wild Boar Bike Racks through the networking/direct community contact that they provide. As we sell via an online platform, our brand ambassadors generally have a strong online following, and re a respected member of their community. Whether it be BMX Racing, Mountain Biking or Freestyle etc. 

What does a Brand Ambassador get?

Being a brand ambassador for Wild Boar is a way of getting a supplementary income, purely by using your influence. We will work with you over a period of time on a structured campaign, and provide all support and marketing material required. The payment made to you is either through a commission on sales, or a one-off payment for exercising your influence. ie, post via Instagram  to your followers etc. The MUST have though for any social media influence to work - it that you MUST believe in our product. No faking it. 

How to work with us?

In the first instance, send an email to and we shall make contact with you. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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