Welcome to the Crew!


Wildboar Bike Racks partners with selected retailers in specific areas thoughout Australia and New Zealand. Our model of working with retail stores is a little different to the traditional retailer/wholesaler relationship. Please see the key points below:

  • No need to carry stock
  • No need to pay for freight
  • No account to set up
  • Sample provided for you free of charge (gets paid back by sales)
  • We provide full training for your staff on the product

Selling a Wild Boar Bike Rack to one of your clients is very simple.  From your store PC, go to www.wildboar.us and click on 'SHOP'. Complete the sale as per below:

  • Customer Information Section - Add your clients Email Address & Phone Number
  • Shipping/Pick Up Section - Add your clients First Name & Surname, yet your shops physical address for delivery. 
  • We pay for shipping directly to your store. 

We provide full support for any warranty claims, and any other product related concerns. Our system is designed to make it very simple to sell our product, provide benefit to your clients and additional revenue for your store.  Payment to your store is as follows:

  • Payment to your store is made on a monthly basis from all sales within the period. 
  • Payment is a 'commission' of 15% of the pre-GST sale price.  (for example - payment on a 'Beast' is $136.22 (GST INC)